Market research with Konradin

Konradin’s market research brings transparency to complex sales segments, analyses decision-makers and researches technological trends.
We work with established market research companies and use all available research tools to meet customers’ requirements.
Advertising research: copy tests, campaign pre/post-tests, ad tests.
Market/target group studies: brand awareness/image/satisfaction surveys, surveys on target group structures, market environments and products.

Bespoke market and advertising effectiveness research

We have unparalleled experience in B2B market research, from high-profile market studies to qualitative tests of ad visuals. We can draw upon tried-and-tested study designs and questionnaires and can gladly advise you on the best option for you. You tell us your needs by telephone, letter or over the Internet, and we formulate a carefully-tailored study concept and implement it professionally for you.

Combining market research and media

Market research is expensive, so it makes sense to kill two birds with one stone:
1. Research the market and gather new findings.
2. Publish selected results and present yourself as an expert.
We are your one-stop-shop: we will gather the data for you, prepare a survey summary including key findings and publish it in our print and/or online Konradin media.

Konradin market surveys for highlighting a specific topic

Draw your target group’s attention to the topics that matter to you: share your study results and surprise them, and get them talking and thinking about a topic of your choice.

Through this model, readers are exposed to interesting information and our partners attract attention to themselves and their services.

A classic win-win situation.

Konradin target group panels

Target group panels are an easy and cost-effective opportunity to find out what a clearly defined target group thinks about a given topic.
We regularly survey painters and decorators, joiners and optometrists.



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