Through its various target-group-specific shops selling specialist literature, textbooks and high-quality gifts, Konradin Medienservice supplements the information provided in Konradin’s specialist media with extra information tailored to each group of readers, and so further boosts customer loyalty. Konradin Medienservice reaches its target audience through print campaigns, email marketing and online shops.

Our specialist literature shops stock a wide range of specialist books, reference works, demo videos and CD-ROMs for specific subject areas. The portfolio includes introductory works for trainees and titles covering specialist fields and legal or management questions as well as current trends. covers science, technology, nature and history. We have made it our business to source a special range of products that offer discerning target groups knowledge, enlightenment and fun.

Trade media shops

The trade media shops provide high-quality information in the fields of architecture, construction, carpentry and joinery as well as for the target groups painters, decorators and medics.


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