Fine living

Sharing information between manufacturers, distributors and consumers

Our range of media

  • Provides dealers and experts in catering and luxury goods distribution and manufacture with all of the key industry information, continuing right along the chain to include consumers too.
  • Provides a full update on developments in the worlds of wine, tobacco and luxury goods and services.
  • Reaches its audience by taking a cross-media approach featuring print magazines, websites (with all the additional benefits that they bring) and newsletters published on a regular basis.

Our target groups

  • Are discerning in their choice of wines, tobaccos and fine living.
  • Include producers, suppliers, consumers and sales representatives for products in these sectors.

Not only that, but…
The selection independent jury regularly carries out systematic tastings of luxury goods and publishes its favourites in the magazine. With its unbiased reporting and high-quality design, selection is a delight for the senses.

Our media brands

Die Tabak Zeitung

is the communication channel for the tobacco industry in Germany, forming a vital link in the marketing chain between the tobacco industry and wholesalers and retailers.



is the highest-circulation customer magazine for the tobacco trade. It delivers in-depth and varied information about the world of cigars, pipes and smoking accessories.


Tobacco Journal International

is the leading, English-language trade magazine for the international tobacco industry and its suppliers.


selection - das Genussmagazin

is the magazine for lovers of fine living. It comes out quarterly, in March, June, September and November, and is one of Germany’s leading luxury goods and services magazines, covering a whole host of interesting themes relating to wine, food, culture and travel.



is an exclusive, independent information service for wine experts and connoisseurs, and is one of the most important sources of wine ratings and buying advice for high-quality wines.


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