The fascination of knowledge

Our range of media

  • Consists of three special-interest magazines for discerning readers on topics including science, history, nature and sustainability.
  • Offers one of Germany’s largest online networks of knowledge.

Our target groups

  • Seek in-depth information and are inquisitive, committed people who place high value on education and culture and often maintain an ecologically-responsible lifestyle.
  • Are often influential people in their communities and belong to high social strata.

Not only that, but…
Our online shops offer related textbooks and other non-fiction books, technology toys for hobbyists and high-quality gift ideas. Exclusive reader trips with members of the editorial team take readers to exciting places around the world.

Our media brands

bild der wissenschaft

publishes news about research in the natural and life sciences, medicine, technology and social disciplines, highlighting their consequences for our everyday lives.



explores the world of history. The magazine presents well-researched information on a wide array of areas, cultures and ages for interested lay people and reflects the latest state of historical research.



is the magazine for nature-conscious living. It is aimed at the modern “green generation” who combine their love of nature with a desire for sustainability and protection of the environment and nature. “natur” fascinates, informs and inspires.


Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau

is a cross-disciplinary monthly science magazine founded in 1948 and aimed at a readership with broad interests and a scientific background.



is the first and only German magazine to focus on interviews. It portrays people from the worlds of art and culture, society and politics and features news from music, film and literature.

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