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Our range of media

  • Enjoys a strong market presence, built upon influential titles that have been considered “must-reads” within the industry for decades, both in print and online.
  • Is based on a series of concepts tailored to specific target groups.

Our target groups

  • Include self-employed and employed opticians, industry specialists, purchasers and sales executives, optometrists, ophthalmologists, contact lens specialists, students – in short, the current and future decision-makers from the optics industry.

Not only that, but…

  • AO-Info, the global optics database, gives subscribers an online overview of key manufacturers’ addresses and offers search functions for rapid access.
  • The website www.der-augenoptiker.de offers news, jobs and product information. This cross-media approach strengthens the position of DER AUGENOPTIKER within the market.
  • DER AUGENOPTIKER offers readers and media partners further added value in the form of exclusive trips for readers, events, innovation days and seminars.

Our media brands


is a specialist in knowledge/fashion/management. With an ideal mix of articles, the magazine shares the latest expert knowledge and reports on company management issues as well as the latest trends and marketing.
Its influence in the industry is reflected in the large proportion of industry players who subscribe to it, and its large classified ads section.



Media kit english 2024
Media kit english 2023


is the oldest and best-known German-language contact lens magazine.



Media kit english 2024
Media kit english 2023

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