Job portal is the job portal of the Konradin Publishing Group.

It is a unique media network built upon 65 print and online brands offering a high level of subject-specific expertise. The magazines and websites are used by readers and visitors predominantly as a source of professional information and cover the most important industry sectors. With your job advertisement in one of our six industry channels, you will be directly addressing your future specialists and executives.

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252,800 PIs, 179,200 visits,
print run 215,900

Architecture and design

195,670 PIs, 58,830 visits,
print run 70,700


488,600 PIs, 148,800 visits,
print run 69,200


6,740,070 PIs, 3,647,400 visits,
print run 200,160

World of work

47,500 PIs, 14,890 visits,
print run 65,350

Eye care

43,130 PIs, 17,730 visits,
print run 13,845

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